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Together we are Polygonia

Working together in collaboration with the artist is how we feel you best get results.  Based both in Liverpool and London we have a team of people working to ensure your targets and goals are met.

''Passionate, Nurturing, Disruptive, Authentic''

We didn't like the fact that you had to aim to be on a Major label to get results.  By working closely with our projects and always being subjective in everything we do we believe that aiming for a major doesn't need to be the only option.


Wide Eyed BoyDomi Hawken

Wide Eyed Boy

Wide Eyed Boy - Two parts British, one part German and one part Australian, this four-piece take their adopted home’s heritage seriously - from the internationalist culture of the city, to its inevitable musical lineage. Oliver Nagy (Vocals), Jonny Ball (Guitar), Kobi Pham (Guitar/Keys) and Tom Taylor (Drums).

From their exceptionally well put together record to the hugely energetic and fun live performance from the boys. Given the right live platform in the UK this band is set to bang in 2018.

Domi Hawken

Domi Hawken is a singer songwriter currently based in London. Having discovered her love for music she moved to Paris where she could pursue her love of language and lyrics.
She initially started her career writing for other artists but on finding her own unique sound she moved to Liverpool where she launched herself as an artist.
Domi’s music has been shaped by living and learning in these great cities, combining driving rhythms and a powerful voice to create a truly unique sound.

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